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Worm tea is worm castings which have been soaked in water and oxygenated. The extra oxygen causes a bloom of the good bacteria, plus the added benefit of nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and potash. Some of the benefits of the tea include: a natural repellent for scale, mites, white flies, and aphids! natural fungicide in soil and on plant surfaces, increase in plant stem size and foliage, acts as a soil conditioner, will not burn plants, creates healthy soil for healthy plants, aides in the creation of colloidal humus, grows healthier fruits and vegetables than those treated with chemical fertilizers, improves water retention in soil, reduces the amount of waste going to the landfill, because worms eat our garbag!
teabags.jpg Worm Tea Bags
Make your own worm tea at home. These reusable burlap bags come in small, medium & large, depending on how large your container is and how much worm tea you want to make. 3 small bags or 2 medium bags or 1 large They are all the same price. please note which size you want in the comments section.
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smbkgndlogoglases Tea Home Brew Machine
Always have a fresh supply of worm tea for your plants. This machine will brew up to 5 gal of tea. It includes every thing you need, just add your castings or compost & water.
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Since the tea is alive and full of microbes, it has a shelf life. The quicker you use it, the greater the benefit. It can always be re-aerated using your Brewer. The most common way to use the tea is to put it in a hand sprayer and spray your plants with it. You can even spray the lawn. Aerated tea will not burn your plants, and it helps repel certain insects. Think of worm tea as a natural immune system booster for plants. It provides the good microorganisms and nutrients needed for plants and soil to repel insects and disease. You can also water your plants with it. It's great for seedlings since it provides nutrients but absolutely will not burn. So have at it.

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The liquid that drains out of a worm composting bin is leachate. Leachate contains undissolved solids and some potentially harmful bacteria. However, it can be aerated with your Brewer and used.